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At BlueScope Plate Supplies, we focus our efforts on producing high-grade steel plates that satisfy our customers by fulfilling their requirements. We produce the highest possible quality of steel to provide our clients with a product that’s safe and reliable.

At BlueScope Plate Supplies, we supply steel plate to different thicknesses and widths.  Ideal for use in applications where strong structural framework and durability is required, our steel plate is used for a range of projects.  Some uses for plate steel include strengthening foundations and bridges, as well as construction of larger materials and non-workable parts.

Steel plate is a material that is often used to create metal products. It can be manufactured to different thicknesses and widths by cutting and welding it together to create a final product.

The material gains its strength as high-temperature steel is rolled into sheets and layer upon layer of steel is compressed and forged into a single piece of steel until the final dimensions are achieved. As the flat steel sheet cools, it hardens into a usable piece of steel.

Steel plate is used in a variety of industries, from the construction of buildings to the creation of everyday items.


BlueScope Plate Supplies provides a range of TRU-SPEC® steel, consisting of a variety of structural plate grades that are rolled as coil on a Hot Strip Mill then cut-to-length.  Our TRU-SPEC® steel is most often used in the following applications: light and standard structural members, brake press forming applications, light poles, trailer and automotive components, and general fabrications. BlueScope invested in a coil plate processing line, which utilises stretch-levelling technology. TRU-SPEC® steel was developed to provide excellent product quality and consistency, and this industry leading standard produces a coil steel plate product that is consistently flat and memory free.

TRU-SPEC® steel is available in a range of structural grades, widths and lengths. Typically used in light and standard structural members, brake press forming applications, light poles, trailer and automotive components, general fabrications and galvanising applications.

TRU-SPEC® steel also produces floor plate and weathering steel. Floor plate has a raised pattern on one surface and weathering steel has enhanced weather resistant typically used in bridges, railway rolling stock, storage hoppers/bins, shipping containers and for architectural features.

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Application of TRU-SPEC® Steel

TRU-SPEC® Steel is used in many applications such as:

  • Trailer and automotive components
  • Galvanising
  • General fabrications
  • Light poles
  • Light and standard structural members
  • Brake press forming applications

In addition to the base product, we also provide other types of TRU-SPEC® steel including Weathering Steel, that is weather resistant, and Floor Plate Steel with a raised pattern on the surface. Both of these steel types are used in a number of applications such as:

  • Shipping containers
  • Railway rolling stock
  • Architectural features
  • Bridges
  • Storage hoppers/bins

Reasons to Choose TRU-SPEC® Steel

There are a number of reasons for choosing TRU-SPEC® steel for your next project, such as:

  • Excellent ductility
  • Great strength
  • Minimum guaranteed strength levels
  • Ideal for carrying out galvanising applications
  • High-grade weather resistance

TRU-SPEC® steel Technology

TRU-SPEC® steel believes in crafting high-end steel plates. Their experts have been working over the years to improve technology in order to create a high quality product for customers.

TRU-SPEC® steel uses a Coil Plate Processing Line, a state of the art stretch level technology that helps the products stand out from conventional steel.

To make sure that TRU-SPEC® steel does not come short of anything in terms of quality, consistency and technology, they have sought expertise from some of the leading experts in this industry such as Leveltek International LLC in West Virginia, USA, and industry leaders in steel processing equipment, The Bradbury Group in Kansas, USA.

Thanks to the significant investment in this technology, TRU-SPEC® steel can distribute memory free and state-of-the-art coil plates to customers.

TRU-SPEC® steel Customer Experience

Customers look for quality steel that is strong and stretchable at the same time. Keeping this in mind, BlueScope came up with a range of steel plates that have consistent flatness, high grade stretch ability, and superior strength.

TRU-SPEC® steel consistently receives positive feedback from customers who have used their products, which gives them even more drive to produce even higher quality steel.

Engineers of BlueScope are continuously working to improve and research new technologies to provide customers with product that they are happy with.

The TRU-SPEC® steel Product Range & Technical Specifications TRU-SPEC® steel have a product range including HA250 and HA350. This is all achievable due to the support and positive feedback from customers and TRU-SPEC®’s desire to be one-stop shop for all things related to steel. You can get more information on the specific products and sizes that we provide by getting in touch with your local branch.

Grade Thickness Range (mm) Width Range (mm) Availability Edge Condition
HA200 3 – 12.7 Up to 1550 Not all thickness and width combinations are available.
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.
Mill Edge
HA250 3 – 16 Up to 1550

Not all thickness and width combinations are available.
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.

Mill Edge

ASNZS 1594
Structural Grades

HA250 Floorplate 2.1 – 8.0 Up to 1500

Available in Standard Sizes
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.

Mill Edge
HA300 3 – 12.7 Up to 1550

Not all thickness and width combinations are available.
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.

Mill Edge
HA350 3 – 12.7 Up to 1550

Not all thickness and width combinations are available.
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.

Mill Edge
Weathering Steel Grade HW 350 3 – 6 1155 – 1250 Available in Standard Sizes
Get in touch to know more about available sizes.
Mill Edge

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About BlueScope Plate Supplies

BlueScope Plate Supplies is a distribution division of the well-known Australian Steel Supplier, BlueScope.

We supply a range of plate steel and coil plate products to a number of industries and businesses across Australia.

At BlueScope Plate Supplies, we know that our customers need durable plates to build larger structures such as buildings, monuments and bridges. These structures require more support, hence the need for thick and strong plates.

Why Choose BlueScope Plate Supplies?

There are many benefits of choosing BlueScope Plate Supplies to fulfil your steel requirements. With BlueScope Plate Supplies, you can rest assured that we will not only supply you with high quality end products but will also work together with you to  to understand your business requirements to better service and add value.

BlueScope Plate Supplies develops lasting relationships with clients and will help your business grow through improved processes.  We’ll keep you in the loop and inform you of the latest market trends, as well as availability of new products and projects. Our team is always at hand to help fulfil your requirements and ensure your business runs smoothly. With us as your partners, you’ll never have to lose on an opportunity to grow.

Here are some of the perks that BlueScope Plate Supplies customers enjoy:

  • Delivery of goods on time and with sheer efficiency.
  • Identification of risks involved in the supply chain process, with suggested steps to eliminate them
  • Keeping an eye out on working capital requirements and minimising wastage as much as possible.
  • Providing access to in-depth data and information regarding products and deliveries
  • Additional business support to help you excel

BlueScope Plate Supplies Services

The services that we provide to our customers include:

  • DIFOT – Delivery In Full and On Time: We make sure to supply goods as per the supply agreements set with our customers. Moreover, our deliveries are accurate and timely.
  • Customer Partnership: We are dedicated to building trust with our customers by providing them with the required support. You can learn more about this by going through our very own Steel Efficiency Review®.
  • Commitment and Reliability: We believe in staying highly committed and reliable to our customers. All our policies are transparent and we’re always available to answer all your questions regarding product quality and our policies.
  • Value: Our technical specialists double check all the products and provide peace of mind to our customers by offering a part identification number that aids in delivery documentation and tracing.
  • Certification: We provide certification ISO Quality Management Systems Accreditation (ISO 9001) to our customers for all projects. The certifications adhere to Australian Standards, ensuring our customers receive high quality, Australian made steel plate products that can be traced back to their origin.

The key deliverables that we offer to customers are as follows:

  1. Minimum Investment Required – This helps you increase cash flow and funds in your business.
  2. Accurate Forecasting of Stock – This will help increase your business’ value by keeping your stock replenished.
  3. Reliability of Supply – this gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll never be out of steel supplies.

The Steel Efficiency Review® (SER®)

Our aim is to help our clients improve their business. We don’t just sell products, we believe in becoming partners with our clients by offering value-added services like the Steel Efficiency Review® to all our customers.

We have performed 1053 reviews of different businesses in the steel industry since 2010. In the last 7 years, this service has helped several businesses save millions by identifying cost saving opportunities.

Our team will closely inspect your processing and production lines to provide you with recommendations on how to save time and money to have a substantial increase in your profit.

The review will study different aspects of your business and provide tips on these seven key areas:

  1. Processing
  2. Inventory
  3. Motion
  4. Rework
  5. Over-production
  6. Time in waiting
  7. Transportation

These recommendations are given free of charge and the report is handed over within 2 weeks.

We have helped several steel companies save millions of dollars by identifying areas of potential loss.

The review comes with no strings attached. Our consultant come with over 9 years of experience (each) and will provide you with a detailed review that you can consider.

If you are looking to enhance your business by using steel in the most efficient way possible, we are more than happy to help you.

Visit to learn more about our SER® program.


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