BlueScope Plate Supplies are committed to providing high quality processing capabilities, ranging from simple processing to more complex and precise processing work. Backed by?our commitment to quality, we help reduce compliance risk through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation – providing assurance for your business.

We provide a range of steel plate products across Australia, and our branches are nationally located. With the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in design, processing, volumes or scheduling, we provide personalised service and have the resources and capability to meet our customers’ needs.

At the core of our business is our range of quality steel products, which our customers can rely on to meet the requirements of their projects.  We supply a range of steel plate products, including:

Mild Steel Plate

Coil Plate

Quenched & Tempered steel plate.




XLERPLATE® steel is the renowned brand name for BlueScope’s high quality hot rolled plate steel.  Guaranteed exceptional quality and consistency, XLERPLATE® steel can be used in a range of applications, including structural products, boiler & pressure vessel products, weathering steel products and analysis & counterweight products.

TRU-SPEC® steel

TRU-SPEC® steel

BlueScope Plate Supplies provides a range of TRU-SPEC® steel, consisting of a variety of structural plate grades that are rolled as coil on a Hot Strip Mill then cut-to-length.  Our TRU-SPEC® steel is most often used in the following applications: light and standard structural members, brake press forming applications, light poles, trailer and automotive components, and general fabrications.

Quenched & Tempered Steel

Quenched & Tempered

BlueScope Plate Supplies provide quality quenched and tempered steel that has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. In the tempering and quenching process, the steel becomes less brittle and more ductile without sacrificing strength.  The process produces hard, tough steel that is more weldable and ductile than other steel products.

Safety Data Sheets


BISALLOY® Steel is an established Australian Steel manufacturing company. It is the only manufacturer of quenched, tempered and abrasion-resistant steel plates of high-tensile strength.


BlueScope Plate Supplies is a market leading plate steel business focused on providing quality aluminium and plate steel products to the Australian market place.

Safety Data Sheets

Product Safety & MSDS

BlueScope Steel provides these guidelines to customers as an input into the customers’ risk assessment process for storage and handling of coil, plate, sheet and long products supplied by BlueScope Steel.

Steel Plate is a versatile product that is used for welding and fabrication all over the world. Different types of steel plate are made from various types of carbon steel and more expensive stainless steel and then cut, shaped, and welded into a myriad of metal end-products.

These steel products are used in the full range of industries including building and construction, transportation and automotive. Steel plate is commonly found in tanks and other vessels, various types of steel equipment, and a wide range of appliances both big and small. Standard thicknesses and sizes are available from BlueScope Plate Supplies, and many companies that process steel plate will cut materials to meet exact specifications.

The Properties of Steel

Physical properties include colour and weight, or density, as well as conductivity.

Mechanical properties indicate how tough, strong, and hard the metal is and are a vital factor when it comes to welding steel. These properties include:

  • Tensile strength, which is the ability of steel to withstand stress without breaking.
  • Impact strength that measures how well it will resist impact when something strikes it or it has to absorb load.
  • Yield strength that indicates at what point stress and strain will result in the metal deforming in any way.
  • Ductility that allows steel plate to change its shape, or to deform when put under stress, without breaking.
  • Malleability that allows it to be bent without breaking or tearing. If plate steel is brittle it will break when hammered or bent.
  • Elasticity that lets the steel return to its original shape and size once a load has been removed.

In reality, different types of steel have varied combinations of these properties and steel is commonly treated in additional ways to modify and change its natural properties.

What Plate Steel Is Used For

Steel plate is used for numerous applications including structures like bridges and buildings.  It is also used in shipbuilding for the hulls of ships, and for storage tanks of various types, as well as boilers and pressure vessels, and for machinery.

Ultimately, steel plate products must be fit for purpose. Generic products include:

  • High-tensile plate steel
  • Steel plate that is suitable for low-temperature service
  • Steel plate that is resistant to atmospheric corrosion in a variety of environments
  • Steel plate that is resistant to abrasion
  • Stainless steel plate which is stronger but more expensive than mild steel
  • Clad plate steel, a composite product made with a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel or another steel alloy

In all instances, the metal plate is produced according to international standards.

XLERPLATE® Steel From BlueScope

BlueScope specialises in the production of mild steel plate that is suitable for use in a range of applications including structural products and pressure vessels.

The company’s renowned brand is XLERPLATE® steel, an exceptionally high-quality plate steel product that is hot rolled. It is most commonly used for:

  • Structural use
  • Boiler and pressure vessels
  • Various weathering steel products that need to be highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion
  • Analysis and counterweight products

Structural grades of XLERPLATE® steel include both medium and high-strength plate products that have different nominal yield strengths. Made to Australian and American Welding Society (AWS) standards, it is commonly used for varied construction ranging from bridges and high-rise buildings to storage tanks and bridges.

Structural XLERPLATE® steel is produced as low-temperature plate steel, as floor-plate that has a raised pattern on the upper surface, and in the form of steel plate that is resistant to weathering.

The XLERPLATE® plate steel used for the production of pressure vessels and boilers is designed with fine-grained carbon-manganese steel that is fully killed (deoxidised) and hot rolled. There are different grades that offer guaranteed design strengths and low-temperature properties. They have excellent formability and weldability and may be used in place of normalised grades of XLERPLATE® steel when really good toughness is needed.

XLERPLATE® steel processed for boiler and pressure vessels is based on an Australian standard (1548) and is available in thicknesses up to 100 mm.

BlueScope’s weathering mild steel plate products are suitable for non-industrial and non-marine applications and may be identified by the distinctive protective rusty-brown patina that develops through oxidisation on the surface of the metal.

These XLERPLATE® steel products are considerably more weather-resistant than traditional plate steel and they have an aesthetic appeal to them. They are commonly used for rolling railway stock, to make shipping containers, decorative sound barriers constructed alongside freeways, for building facades, and even as part of bridge construction.

Analysis grades of XLERPLATE® steel are produced using very specific chemical compositions while counterweight grades don’t have guaranteed mechanical properties at all. The latter are produced within a broad chemical analysis range and are not recommended for structural use. Also, counterweight grades are not supplied to specific standards.  Analysis grades meet Australian standards, one of which is low carbon, low strength steel, which is suitable for galvanising kettles.  The other is a heat-treatable grade that can be used for general engineering applications where improved wear and abrasion properties can be achieved using heat treatment.

TRU-SPEC® Steel From BlueScope

BlueScope’s coil plate is marketed as TRU-SPEC® steel and is commonly used to strengthen bridges and the foundations of buildings, as well as for the construction of non-workable parts and some larger materials. Applications include light poles, automotive and trailer components, brake press-forming, standard and light structural parts, as well as more general fabrications and applications that require galvanising.

TRU-SPEC® steel products are rolled in the form of coil on a hot-strip mill before being cut to length. The high-tech coil plate processing line used by BlueScope utilises special stretch-levelling technology that produces top quality, highly consistent materials. The metal is rolled into sheets that are compressed and simultaneously forged into a single piece of steel to meet dimensional specifications. When it cools the metal hardens into a single piece of steel plate.

BlueScope also produces weathering steel and floor plate from TRU-SPEC® steel. This may be used for various applications but is commonly used for the manufacture of storage hoppers and bins, shipping containers, railway rolling stock, bridges, and even for some architectural features.

The secret of its versatility lies in the fact that TRU-SPEC® steel offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Minimum strength levels that are guaranteed by BlueScope
  • Levels of formability, ductility, and weldability that are good and/or excellent
  • An excellent base for galvanising
  • Increased weather resistance

Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate From BlueScope

Tempering and quenching steel makes the metal less brittle and more ductile without sacrificing its strength and hardness. It is not only incredibly tough, with a high level of resistance to abrasion and other forms of wear but is also ideal for welding processes. In addition, it is suitable for structures and machinery that require a higher yield strength.

Made in accordance with Australian standards, BlueScope’s quenched and tempered steel is used in various industries including earthmoving, construction, mining, and quarrying. It is ideal for storage tanks, low-loader trailers, gear wheels, deflector plates, excavator and loader buckets, and has an established place in the design and construction of bridges and high-rise buildings.

Product Safety is Optimised

BlueScope Plate Supplies offers customers important guidelines that add to all-important risk assessment procedures relating to the storage and handling of all steel plate, sheet, coil, and other products supplied.

Product safety data sheets are supplied for various strip and sheet products: metallic-coated strip and sheet metal, cold-rolled and hot-rolled strip and sheet, as well as pre-painted sheet and strip.

BlueScope Plate Supplies also has detailed data sheets that provide more information on all their products. Test certificates are also available for all steel plate products. These provide important references that indicate how products are fit for purpose, ensuring you opt for the most suitable materials. Alternatively, contact us and let one of our steel specialists help with your steel requirements.